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I see a lot of people on the website from all over the US ,Canada, & Alaska. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call, don't think you're too far away, we have a good plan for anyone who wants to fly DYNALI& we will bend over backwards to make it happen. 1-513-541-4744 or 1-800-716-2560

Safety Tail Ring.

Not Shown

Visual Fuel Gauge 

Additional Circle Vents

Additional Fuses

Chrome Plated Frame

Customized Instrument Panel


Extra Alternator Kit. Adds 40 extra amps without using high amounts of HP. New cover shown to the left comes with kit.

Analog Engine/Rotor RPM




Cabin Heater  kit.

12v Car Plug.

20,000 Ft. Winters Altimeter with three indicators. Standard is 10,000 Ft.

Landing Light kit.


Standard Blades are Aluminum : TOP

​Optional Blades are Composite : Bottom w/2 red strips 

21 Gal. Fuel Tank.

Sliding Lateral Air Vent.

​One each side.

Leather Seats.