I see a lot of people on the website from all over the US ,Canada, & Alaska. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call, don't think you're too far away, we have a good plan for anyone who wants to fly DYNALI& we will bend over backwards to make it happen. 1-513-541-4744 or 1-800-716-2560

So this is where we are in 2018!!!!!       

Breaking ground as of May for our New Build Center & Offices.


A quick update on our plans for 2018 & what was accomplished in 2017.

Our first build, was started on our Dynali H3 in July of 2016 and finished in May of 2017, at the Dynali plant in Belgium.

  •    1st, we started on the build itself and started what will become the build manual, build log, FAA 51% evaluation doc., parts manual, and packing list for the North American market.
  •    2nd, we finished our build on our H3 in May 2017.
  •    3rd, we got our N number and rented a small hangar for the 40 hr FAA time. The hangar was not an ideal setup, some personal things , and timing due to weather had pushed off      the 40 hr till 2018.


Our main goal for 2018 is on track to "Build" .

  •    1st, we sold our building @ 2450 Civic Center Dr.!!!!! in May 2018. So we are moving & building at our new Airfield!!!!!!!  
  •    2nd, we have moved everything......... and crammed a 130' x 60' building into a 30' x 30' and 9' x 13' area...... 
  •    3rd, we will be focusing the 1st 2 1/2 quarters of 2018 on completing our  Offices and build center at the Airfield.
  •   4th, we will be having Francis over from Dynali to help with my 40 testing and also to train a few CFI pilots for future H3 customer training.
  •   5th, we plan on having a fun 2018.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thanks, Jay Johnston Sr.


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2018 Special  Note

I am going to be focused on getting our Build Center up and in operation by the end of this summer and also have Francis from Dynali here for CFI training and help with my FAA 40 flight time. If you would like to stop in at our airfield give me a call and I'll setup some accomodations.

And if you have any questions please call me 1-513-205-2484.          

                                                                                                                  Thanks, Jay Johnston Sr.


Hangar 36 H3 Dynali Helicopters

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