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I see a lot of people on the website from all over the US ,Canada, & Alaska. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call, don't think you're too far away, we have a good plan for anyone who wants to fly DYNALI& we will bend over backwards to make it happen. 1-513-541-4744 or 1-800-716-2560




So...... I just started my training ....... and I'm definitely going to have changes in the training plan .   ; ) I'll correct it as I go .

 This is just a general idea of training !

( yes, I may have missed some things)

  • Before you get to far get your medical clearance first to make sure your in the right condition to start training . It's a requirement of the FAA .
  • Training will start with book work & classroom lessons .
  • Some hands-on training when you're building helicopters will come in handy, and help with understanding some of the terms in your lesson books.
  • Passing the written test is 1st.     
  • Training on preflight procedures, weight & balance checks & of course your paper work
  • ​Training from this point on will be done in a training helicopter with an instructor sitting beside you. This is where you learn in-air maneuvers & emergency strategies .
  • After your instructor feels that you are ready, it is your time to fly solo.
  • Then when your instructor feels you can pass the flight test and is comfortable with your flying skills he will sign off on your Pilot test with the FAA.

The time it takes to acheive all of this is completely dependent upon your skills, time avalible, & work ethic. Few have gotten it done in 2 months most can complete the training in 6 months.