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I see a lot of people on the website from all over the US ,Canada, & Alaska. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call, don't think you're too far away, we have a good plan for anyone who wants to fly DYNALI& we will bend over backwards to make it happen. 1-513-541-4744 or 1-800-716-2560

Hangar 36 H3 Dynali Helicopters







Hangar 36 H3 Dynali Helicopters


    If you assume that years of experience, unlimited free time & bottomless financial resources are barriers to helicopter flight & ownership, then you are not any different than we were.  My son ,son-in-law, and myself  have enjoyed our trips on the motorcycles, so when sport helicopters  came up we thought, sky motorcycles. Then came all the myths of helicopter amateur- builds, from cost of ownership, length of time to build, flight safety, where helicopters are allowed to fly, to, you have no chance at a helicopter pilot's license.

   Hangar 36  was setup to put people like us in the air, with safety, training

and knowledge. Whether you come to Hangar36  with zero background, or a full understanding  of aviation, we think you will enjoy your experience here .

    Hangar 3will amateur-build assist you at our shop to FAA 51% Rule regulations. 

Club members of  Hangar 36  can also help point you in the right direction to complete your helicopter in a timely manner. (Not 10 Years)

    In 2015 our 1st CH-7T from Cicare was built & taken to Oshkosh in July 2015. InJanuary 2016  Hanger 3& Cicare went separate ways on really good terms. We hope Cicare does well in North America and they should have a replacement Dealer in place by summer/fall of 2016. 

   We will be building our 1st Dynali H3 in Belgium, July to August 2016....... 

I  returned to Belgium in January 2017 to finish the build and all the documentation that will be needed for all future builds in the USA.  I received my H3 July 2017 at our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio and should be flying by mid fall 2017. We'll keep you posted.

    Hangar 36 is normally open 8 to  5 Mon. to Fri. we're usually there earlier  than 8 and hanging out after 5, so give us a call if you need anything. 

    After we get more than 1 helicopter up we plan on scheduling small trips 2 to 3 days just like we do on the bikes . After that  we will  try out some week-long trips. That's pretty much the reason we started doing this to begin with.

     If you have any interest in our helicopters or future plans don't hesitate to give us a call.

We look forward to talking with you!

Jay Johnston, Sr. 

Jay Johnston Jr.

Dylan Arnett

Shop in USA                          1-800-716-2560

Shop outside USA or local      1-513-541-4744

​Jay Sr. cell                            1-513-205-2484