I see a lot of people on the website from all over the US ,Canada, & Alaska. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call, don't think you're too far away, we have a good plan for anyone who wants to fly DYNALI& we will bend over backwards to make it happen. 1-513-541-4744 or 1-800-716-2560


A quick update on our plans for 2016 & what was accomplished in 2015.

Our first build, that was finished in July of 2015, taught us a lot.

  •    1st, is where we could fine tune our skills on creating a good, easy to make, and follow, Builder's Log . A Log book that can be handed in to the FAA for approval at the end of the build.
  •    2nd, in our Purchase Contract between Hangar 36 & the Customer, we've made it easier to read and understand, and yet covers what is necessary between the buyer & the seller.
  •    3rd, in the construction time of about 13 to 14 days. We think with a small redesign of the builders manual and the organizing of, and having in stock of, special parts, tools and materials our build time could shorten by 15% to 20%.
  •    4th, the 40 hr flight time required by the FAA for all 51% builds needs to be addressed with a good location, and is one of our goals in 2016.


Our first Trade Shows where very good and also very hard to pull together, and now that we have our main setup, future Trade Shows should be a bit easier.


Our main goal for 2016 is to "Build" .

  •    1st, we are selling our current building to purchase an Airfield, for training, builds, & testing ( 40 hr flight time for the FAA ).
  •    2nd, I'm trying to get a Demo unit at our new shop. I would at least like to have one of them sitting here sometime within 2016. ( we'll see what the Lord allows :)
  •    3rd, we want to place up to 10 of our Sport Helicopters through out the United States. I will need your help with that. The only thing I ask is that you will bring them to a selected Trade Show in your area when available . This will be the only "Special Offer" ever offered by Hangar 36. Aw yea, only the people that read my stuff are going to get this deal, call me if you are interested 1-513-205-2484. 
  •    4th, I'm not sure how many Trade Shows we will be doing because of the move and the builds coming up. When we move I'm going to have to build an office building at our new location with some extra out lot hangars.

​                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks, Jay Johnston Sr.


Good news! We have sold our building and are moving to our new location! 

Hangar 36 H3 Dynali Helicopters

2016 Special  Note

You probably noticed that we jumped ship this year to Dynali. The change was a good break & no hard feelings on either side. I wish the very best to the Cicare family & their quality product line. I'm sure that they will have another dealer setup in North America by the end of summer 2016.

If you have any questions please call me 1-513-205-2484.          

                                                                                                                  Thanks, Jay Johnston Sr.

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